One-step Forward to Digital market segment: BAYLED is available now on

The nature of Lighting Customers changed dramatically in last 5 years. Softcopy catalog preferred than hard ones, searching products on internet in much easier than travelling for an exhibition, and reading product review increase the chance of buying by 50%

E-commerce and digital selling market share increase year by year to be the largest market segment by 2018. Most European lighting manufacturers has clear plan to increase the online visibility of their brands.

BAYLED the Turkish professional outdoor lighting manufacturer takes the lead in Turkish marketing by promoting its lighting portfolio on one of the largest lighting platform on the web
As per lighting arena strategy only high quality trusted products and manufactures can be listed, but process of reviewing and approval went so smooth as PAYLED objectives and principles to ensure “”Reliable Products” manufacturing, as well as achieving good quality for all our products and processes using latest technology CNC machining centers, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools like (software, engineering, physical tests and laboratory analysis)
BAYLED export customized great solutions for both residential and urban areas with High Efficiency Constant Current drivers to international markets.

This is Just the Begin along journey and challenges in forging markets for the Turkish manufacturer but with continuous improvement and self-dispelling will lead them to sustainable success.

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